DVP lab is part and initiative of DVP. Its mission is to promote an environment in which young researchers and Research and Development department work together to create projects applied to, but not exclusively, the electro-mechanical and mechanical fields. In particular, DVP lab has been designed to create an ongoing dialogue between the academic reality and the business one, so they could influence each others knowledge and strategies. It is a space that becomes a forge, a melting pot of work and experiences. A laboratory that generates creativity, a goal that marks a start. An alive, active, pulsating and formative environment.

The reasons of its creation find a first sign in the location chosen for the lab: the heart of Ferrara, a World Heritage Site with a deep cultural connotation and a University branch. We are there with our DVP lab! settled into a reality that we want to become actors of, benefiting from it but also being at its service.

Yes, because the lab welcomes professionals and graduands: we offer them instruments and dynamics that find in work team and in constant confrontation their added value.


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