We want to be recognized all over the world as those who interpret with passion the dreams customers want to share with us.

We want to work in a team of determined, coherent and proactive people, that are examples of excellence and able to create enduring value.

We want to live in a dynamic, open and innovative enterprise, source of opportunities, an enterprise that actively participates in the community life by promoting a reciprocal interchange.

We aim to be a loyal and qualified consultant to OEMs that use industrial vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors .

We offer them innovative and customized solutions, maximizing the “performance/price ratio”.

We offer reliable products and outstanding customer service to value-added resellers. We meet the end users’ needs with a diffused, qualified and fast commercial network.

We motivate our employees in a transparent way and we reward their accountability and initiatives.

We are open to changes that bring market value-added. We work with local authorities for initiatives that bring sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

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