The evolution and development of our products found a special affirmation with the realization of the "systems": units consisting of the interaction of many pumps that produce special qualitative and quantitative results.

The systems are designed and manufactured to be used in all the same individual pumps applications, and mainly in centralized vacuum systems, as units suitable for creating and maintaining a certain vacuum within the system that allows a proper operation of the equipment connected to it. The installation of a central production vacuum is advantageous especially in terms of energy savings, because the pumps automatically switch on only when needed by the user.

The automatic vacuum systems are available in various version: SIMPLEX, with a single pump; DUPLEX, with double pump; TRIPLEX, with triple pump. DVP also realizes portable systems, mainly used in construction. In addition, we develop production systems with air-liquid separation.
The standard version of the systems consists of two or three lubricated pumps, complete of electric motor and oil separator filter mounted on the tank that collects the overall dimensions; horizontal or vertical tank, complete with ball valve for drainage of the condensate; integrated check valve in suction of each pump to maintain vacuum in the tank when the pumps are stopped; FCM cartridge filters to protect the pumps from the aspiration of impurities; a ball valve on the intake of each individual pump to isolate from the system during maintenance; a ball valve on the tank fitting to isolate it; an electrical control panel which allows the start and the operation of the pumps in manual or automatic along with control of operating parameters; absolute pressure sensor . All the components are painted and mounted on the tank, forming a compact and reliable unit.
The air-liquid separator systems are designed to be used on glass and marble processing machines and machines suitable for the aspiration of non aggressive liquids.

As well as any other segment of our productive activity, the systems are customized to meet any customer requirement.
Systems are equipped with a big variety of accessories and kits that allow more customization and versatility.