CPA3H vacuum hospital systems are mainly used in hospital environment. Manufactured based on the TRIPLEX systems, the CPA3H series has been developed according to the requirements of EN ISO 7396-1 Standard.

The pumps installed on these systems are controlled by a panel divided into two sections. The main section, managed by the PLC, controls the start up, checks the operation parameters and the manual or automatic pump operation. The second section checks the automatic or manual operation of the emergency pump. All the tanks supplied with CPA3H vacuum systems are equipped with by-pass system.

Upon request, a wide range of accessories are available to be installed between the CPA3H system and the user system as envisaged by EN ISO 7396-1 Standard, such as antibacterial filters with by-pass system (GFB).


 300 dm3500 dm31000 dm3Gruppo Filtri Battericidi
LC.25 3X 3X   GFB.51
LC.40   3X   GFB.80
LC.60   3X   GFB.121
LC.106   3X 3X GFB.121
LC.151     3X GFB.201
LC.205     3X GFB.201
LC.305     3X GFB.201
Configurazioni: 1X = Simplex; 2X = Duplex; 3X = Triplex;



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