The International Rule IEC has introduced a standard level about energy efficiency of the three-phase asynchronous electric motors.

The Rule defines the International Efficiency classes (IE code) as follows:

IE1 = Standard Efficiency
IE2 = High Efficiency
IE3 = Premium Efficiency

The efficiency levels defined within this law are based on measure methods established by the IEC 60034-30 regulation and are applied to the motors with standard three-phase induction having the following features:


  • Nominal voltage up to 1000V
  • Nominal power between 0,75kW and 375kW
  • 2,4 and 6 poles
  • Frequency 50Hz and 50/60Hz
  • S1 service (uninterrupted service) and S3 (intermittent) with 80% or more as intermittence ratio

This rule doesn’t include the electric motors with the following features:

  • Completely combined ones in a machine (for instance pump, blower and compressor) for whom testing the energy performances independently by the machine (such as rotor/stator) is not possible
  • Specifically conceived ones for the changeable speed in compliance with the IEC 60034-25 rule
  • Single-phase motors

Coming into force of the rule

  • From 16th June 2011 all the present working motors in compliance with the above mentioned features will have to reach IE2 as minimum efficiency level
  • From 1st January 2015 the motors with a nominal power from 7,5 to 375 kW must have IE3 as minimum efficiency class, or minimum IE2 if have start up with speed electronic control (Inverter)
  • From 1st January 2017 the motors with a nominal power from 0,75 to 375 kW must have IE3 as minimum efficiency class, or minimum IE2 if equipped of start up with speed electronic control (Inverter)

The speed electronic control (Inverter) is fulfilled by using a frequency converter regulating the motor speed – and so the produced power – based on the needed energy.
The IE1 motors can’t be traded since 16th June 2011 not even if they have speed electronic control (Inverter).

Effect of the IEC 60034-30 regulation on DVP products

The new rule will not applied to all the DVP products but only to the ones that having three-phase motors paired to the pump through dragging flexible coupling.

Basically the law application doesn’t include the pumps with single-phase motor, the blowers, the three-phase pumps with power motor less than 0,75 kW and the LC.20, LC.25, LC.40, LC.60, SB.25 and SB.40 pumps, because these models are monobloc type and the motor can’t be tested separately as the rule requires.

Supply voltages for IE2 motors are:

230/400V ±10% 50Hz

265/460V ±10% 60Hz

Supply voltages for IE3 motors are:

230/400V ±10% 50Hz

The motors guarantee the efficiency indicated in the IEC.60034-30 rule if used with the nominal voltages displayed in the motor plate.

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