The single and double stage DVP side channel blowers are conceived to suck or to compress gas or non-explosive mixtures. The absence of lubricants guarantees that no oils are present in the compressed fluids.
The blowers are connected directly to a two poles (2800/330 rpm), three phase or single phase asynchronous TEFC, 50/60 Hz motor with an IP 55 grade protection according to the IEC 34.1 standards and it is equipped with heat protector (PTO) on the winding.
The main advantages deriving from the use of side channel blowers are:

  • no maintenance
  • no contamination of conveyed fluids
  • silent operation, small size and weight
  • small size and weight
  • easy of installation
  • stability and absence of vibrations

Side channel blowers are suitable for many applications of air and gas conveyance on machines and Plants requiring medium (single-stage turbines) or high (double-stage turbines) suction and delivery pressures, max. operational safety and low noise levels.


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