The volumetric lobe vacuum pumps “B” series are machines that, thanks to the conjugated rotation without contact of two rotors (with two lobes) within a suitably shaped chamber, create volumes and transfer air through the inlet manifold to the outlet one. They operate completely dry without any lubrication or residues generated by brushing or contact during rotation. These pumps do not actually compress the gas they elaborate, but transfer it from the inlet mouth to the outlet one.
In the vacuum sector, the volumetric lobe vacuum pumps should always be inserted in series with other pumps, normally of a lower flow, known as primary pumps (“L” series lubricated pumps). With such combinations it is possible to reach high degree of vacuum.
Volumetric lobe vacuum pumps have a crankshaft connected to the electric motor through an elastic element. The crankshaft is sealed from outside through the oil chamber, that works both as lubricant and sealant.

The BCA pumps can be supplied with motors in accordance with IEC 72 B5, with three various configurations:

  • BCA pump without motor
  • BCA pump with IE3 motor
  • BCA pump with IE3 motor + AdaptShield

The AdaptShield system integrates the pump BCA function with highest efficiency standards through an algorithm that controls the pressure range monitored by two sensors, both placed on the pump’s inlet and outlet. The system is integrated within the inverter, and it continuously sends data in order to manage the electric motor speed variation. This procedure allows the system to fully use the volumetric capacity of BCA pump. Moreover, the AdaptShield system protects the BCA pump from possible malfunctions.





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