CPA triple pump vacuum systems are primarily used as vacuum systems for hospital applications.
These groups have been developed to meet the specifications required by EN 737/3 standards.

The standard version of triple pump vacuum systems consists of the following parts:

  • Three lubricated vacuum pumps complete with oil separator exhaust filter at the outlet, mounted on an upright support to limit overall dimensions
  • Vertical welded vacuum tight painted steel tank, complete with a ball valve and by-pass valve for isolating it from the system
  • Integrated non return valve on the intake of each individual pump to maintain the vacuum in the tank with not running pumps
  • Three ball valves on the intake of each individual pump to isolate them from the system during maintenance
  • Three FCM filters to protect the pumps from taking in any impurities present in the system
  • Two independent electrical panels control (standard supply 400V 50-60Hz) complete with main switch, emergency button, overload current protection, pressure sensor, automatic exchange device of the pumps in order to balance the wear, a vacuum switch for low vacuum alarm and a PLC, which allows independent start and functioning (both manual and automatic) of n1 and n2 pumps and helps to manage all the operations of setting and control of operating parameters. Both are encased in metal boxes with IP55 protection
  • A manually controlled ball valve on the tank fitting to isolate the entire group from the system

A GFB bactericidal filter unit with by-pass system may be mounted (upon request) between the isolating ball valve of the unit and the user system, as required by EN 737/3 standards.
All components are painted and mounted to make up a compact, reliable unit.





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