CPAP vacuum systems with triple PA 155/PA 315 pump are mainly used in centralized vacuum systems as units suitable for creating and maintaining a certain vacuum within the system to allow proper operation of the equipment connected. Choose the most appropriate unit based on the number of user systems. Installing a vacuum system is very advantageous especially from the standpoint of energy savings, because the pumps are only switched on automatically as the user requires.

The standard versions of the vacuum systems are made up of the following parts:

  • Three claw vacuum pumps complete with electric motor and are fitted on a vertical support, so as to make the system as compact as possible;
  • FCM cartridge filters type to protect the pumps from taking in any impurities present in the system.
  • A ball valve placed on the intake of each individual pump to isolate it from the system.
  • Electric control panel (standard power supply 400V 50-60Hz) complete with general disconnecting switch, emergency button, amperometric protection and terminal board for remote signals, which allows the start and the operation of the three pumps manually or automatically along with all the setting operations and control of the operating parameters. The whole system is enclosed in a metal box with IP55 protection.
  • Adjustable shock mounts to level the unit.





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